Towerhill is built around 3 core industries: high tech, life sciences, and cleantech. We work with leaders around the globe and are a household name in board rooms and with top-tier VCs alike. Helping those who are driving the expansion of next-gen technology in; transportation, medicine, finance, education, agriculture, energy, security, communication, and beyond. Our team is highly specialized while maintaining the flexibility to offer our partners bespoke solutions.

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We maintain the highest level of commitment to our colleagues, demonstrated by our well established relationships with executive teams, regulators, and the most sought after candidates.

We are a boutique firm with the ability to source the best candidates through our discrete channels and vast network. Our track record is unparalleled and we’re unwavering, sharing our partner’s successes as if they were our own.

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Post-graduate degrees
Global experience
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As we have grown, our team has made sure to preserve the core tenets that make Towerhill so successful. Building relationships is not just our profession, but also our passion, outside the office, Towerhill is actively engaged with our coastal community in Newport, Rhode Island. Our team organizes numerous charitable events throughout the year, runs triathlons and hosts tech meetups in our new co-working space. Come winter, we escape chilly New England for a month of working remotely in sunny Costa Rica.

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    Robert Alber


We are helping some of the world’s leading tech companies build out their teams.

“We hired Jared for a top priority executive security search at Yahoo. He was such an amazing partner and the perfect person for the search. He was well connected in the security industry, a great sourcer and an even better recruiter. He was on top of things 24/7, provided candidates with a great experiences, and overall was just amazing to work with. We closed the search in a relatively short time, in large part to Jared’s efforts/partnership. Highly recommend him and would gladly work with him again.”

“Towerhill Associates found us our VP of Business Development. We were presented a deep and diverse stable of candidates. They have been responsive, dependable, and easy to do business with.”

“Towerhill Associates has provided services for Echelon Corporation, a California headquartered high tech company, for over two years. I am impressed by and appreciate that they do not push marginal candidates my way. They work hard at understanding what our company does and what we need for each position. They follow through reliably and in a timely manner. They truly behave like business partners, my experience with them has been very positive.”